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Thermal Imaging Scope with Laser Range Finder - TU Gen2 LRF

Thermal Imaging Scope with Laser Range Finder - TU Gen2 LRF

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Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope with Laser Range Finder - TU Gen2 LRF Series Scope has a laser rangefinder seamlessly integrated into a slim-design scope, the TU Gen2 LRF Series enables precise detection of targets at distances of up to 2,600 meters, and identification and continuous LRF at 1500 meters, empowering hunters with a reliable perception of distance at the hunting site to make accurate shots. The product has undergone meticulous optimization in its detailed design, elevating user-friendly operation. Furthermore, the battery life has seen a substantial extension, resulting in a 20% increase in duration. A variety of functions to meet all your needs, such as taking photos, videos, WIFI, continuous laser ranging, to name a few.

High Quality Imaging In Day and Night

High-quality thermal imaging with  640×480@12μm resolution and 50Hz refresh rate with clear distinctions allows for improved recognition of animals, their body parts, and even minute elements such as branches, leaves, grass, and the landscape.

Quick location, All new experience

In the day or total darkness, the laser range finder ensures accurate location with distance information.

1440×1080 AMOLED Display and Micro HDMI out

The heat signature captured by the thermal image can be shown on the display using the picture-in-picture (PIP) feature, significantly enhancing the comfort of observation, and can be shared over Wifi to a cellphone or tablet using the APP, or over a 720P 50fps Micro HDMI connection on a external monitor.

Smooth Zoom For Flexible Searching

A special dedicated button on the left of the scope allows for easy and smooth zoom in and zoom out, making the search more flexible and pinpoints the target faster.

Fast Identification 1000m/1500m LRF and up to 2600m Detection

The compact ranging module, offers accurate and rapid detection, allowing you to identify targets at distances of up to 1000 ( TU631) or 1500 (TU651) meters during day or nighttime hunting, thus enhancing your hunting efficiency.

Multiple Color Palettes to Highlight the Target with Clearer Visuals

Six color palettes: white hot, black hot, red hot, green hot, iron red, blue heat. Support one-button switch to identify the location of the target instantly, helping to achieve all-weather observations. 

Photo and Video Recording

The Scope supports photo and video recording at any time. Photos and Videos can be recorded on the internal 128Gb drive, to be viewed later with the APP, or recorded or viewed live on a mobile device/tablet connected over Wifi. The device can be remote controlled over wifi, and live images and video transmitted via the WIFI connection, which can be saved and shared to your social media via the APP.

IP67, 800G Shock tested

The Scope have been designed to be IP67 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy-rainfall, dust, and impact. The working temperature is -30°C~50°C ,suitable for all kinds of harsh weather. It also passed UN38.3 battery certification, RoHS, CE, FCC certification.  

Battery Powered

The Scope comes with a 18650 built in battery and a external customized battery that can be charged externally with the included battery charger, which can keep the Scope running for up to 12 hours. The internal battery can be charged via USB-C provided with the device.


The densely packed Scope weights only 1250g and is 377x 107x 99 and comes with a Lens cover, Eye mask, 5V2A adapter (US, Britain, Australia and Europe), Customized battery×2, Customized battery charger, USB Type-C cable, Micro HDMI cable, Scope Rail Clamp×2, Quick start guide and Warranty card.


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