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HL28 Headlamp with Ultra-long Battery Life ,White/Green/Red 0r White/IR Night Hunting Light

HL28 Headlamp with Ultra-long Battery Life ,White/Green/Red 0r White/IR Night Hunting Light

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Color LED
Light Color Selection
  • Red Light    Suitable for hunting sensitive species, maintaining stealth and night vision capability, suitable for animals such as whitetail deer.
  • Green Light  Suitable for hunting animals, such as wild boars, that are not sensitive to green light, providing effective illumination.
  • White Light   Suitable for various types of hunting, providing clear and bright illumination, applicable to a wide range of game.
  • Infrared (IR)  Suitable for nighttime observation and hunting with night vision devices, providing covert illumination, ideal for nocturnal game.
    Brinyte HL28 Hunting Lights Highlight :

    1. Zoomable and Adjustable Head: The ability to adjust the focus and beam width provides adaptability to various hunting scenarios. The 90° adjustable head enhances flexibility by allowing you to direct the light precisely where it's needed, whether scanning the surroundings or focusing on a specific target.

    2.Patented Tri-Color Lighting Sources: With three LEDs and a patented switch, the HL28 offers versatility by providing different color options. This feature is invaluable for hunters who may require different light spectrums for different situations, such as preserving night vision or enhancing contrast in certain environments.

    3.Stepless Dimming Knob Switch: Allow for convenient and precise adjustment of the brightness level. This means you can easily customize the light output to suit your specific needs and preferences.

    4.Battery Indicator and Magnetic Charging: Equipped with a magnetic charging port, making it easy to recharge. It also includes a battery indicator, providing real-time information on the remaining battery level, ensuring you can monitor the battery status at any time. The headlamp will provide a vibration reminder to recharge when the battery is low.

    5.Extended Battery Life: Come with a battery pack consisting of two 21700 rechargeable lithium batteries. This configuration aims to provide extended battery life, ensuring you have sufficient power for prolonged outdoor activities.

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