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Thermal Imaging Monocular - Handheld

Thermal Imaging Monocular - Handheld

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Equipped with Guide’s new self-developed infrared detector and the patented image processing technology, the TK Gen2 Kitalpha Series captures sharp imaging and is packed with powerful features like image and video recording, smooth zoom, pseudo-color adjustment, approximate ranging and PIP. Personalized image observation is supported in different scene modes. The built-in laser indicator and illuminator  facilitate itself to be operated in harsh environment.

Deliver a stunning HD view with Micro HDMI out

Thanks to the full-color 0.4-inch HD display with 1280 x 960 pixels, the image is crisper and more delicate. It feels like watching 22-inch screen at 1 meter, which greatly improves the observation comfort, or view the 720P 50fps image on an external screen..

High Quality Imaging In Day and Night

Up to 640 × 480 VOx uncooled IR resolution at a 50Hz image frame rate, ensures the observation of moving target smoothly.

Well-designed PIP (Picture in Picture) mode, highlighting the target

PIP mode, Identify the location of the target instantly by PIP Mode even in outdoor

Smooth Zoom For Flexible Searching

Long press the up/down button to smoothly zoom in and zoom out, making the search more flexible and pinpoints the target faster.

Multiple Color Palettes to Highlight the Target with Clearer Visuals

Six color palettes: white hot, black hot, red hot, green hot, iron red, blue heat. Support one-button switch to identify the location of the target instantly, helping to achieve all-weather observations. 

Photo and Video Recording

The device supports photo and video recording at any time. Photos and Videos can be recorded on the internal 16Gb drive, to be viewed later with the APP, or recorded live on a mobile device/tablet connected over Wifi. The device can be remote controlled over wifi, and live images and video transmitted via the WIFI connection, which can be saved and shared to your social media via the APP.

IP66, 1-meter Drop test

The Monoculars have been designed to be IP66 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy-rainfall, dust, and impact. The working temperature is -30°C~50°C ,suitable for all kinds of harsh weather. It also passed UN38.3 battery certification, RoHS, CE, FCC certification.  


The TK631 weights only 560g and easily fits into your hand at 214mm x 65mm x 71mm and the package is equipped with a power adapter, a USB cable (Type C), a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, a lens cover, a wrist strap, an inner bag, a shoulder strap and a Quick User Guide


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